Anonymous asked: “hi sorry for all the questions. im actually looking into brooks. whats it like? the people, classes, housing, etc.”

I’ll give you my perspective on Brooks from my time here, beginning with the debt. Each semester is about $10 grand, so each class you better take fuckin seriously. 

It’s a private school, yet you only need a 1.0GPA to get in (I guess cause it’s an art school, but I’ve had higher standards than that haha).
Housing used to be provided, but where they put us was kind of ratchet. I learned, however, that the ratchetness brought us Brookies together because we had a whole part of the building for Brookies, so we learned from each other. They did away with the housing, so we all found apartments to lease with other Brookies.

A part I haven’t told you about is that Brooks used to be in Santa Barbara, California. When I moved here, we had two buildings in SB, and one in Ventura. About halfway through my Brooks “career,” they decided to move everything down to Ventura. They closed one of the two campuses and started putting everyone new to Ventura. No one comes to the last SB campus unless they started at the SB campus (me and about 40 others), and there are few of us still here.

Now that you know I go to a different campus, I’ll tell you my outlook on solely the Ventura campus.

The people at the Ventura campus are snobs, and seem to like to know “everything.” I’ve had problems with the Ventura campus because of the feeling they give me. It’s kind of childish in a way that even the GE teachers can’t really take their jobs seriously sometimes.
This however DOES NOT give the photography teachers the attention they need however. The pro photo teachers are amazing. The class sizes can sometimes be quite small (10-30 people). You get one-on-one time with the teachers, and they are very respectable and reasonable with the grades they give. If you need help, they have office hours almost every day, and will help you out (some teachers are much harsher than others, but that doesn’t mean they won’t help you out).

Checkout. Checkout is a place where everything you’ll ever need is located. From RED and Phantom cameras, to Baby seniors (12k lights), to medium format mamiyas and Hassleblads. They basically have everything you will need for each class, that doesn’t mean to not have a nice camera when you start though. You’re going to have to buy a lot of things on top of you tuition, like printing paper and SD/CF cards. This school costs money, then costs more money to keep your equipment running well and up to date.
My experience at Brooks (before the shitty transfer to Ventura) has been quite good, and if you or anyone else have more questions just ask me.